hostia styropianowa

(Polski) Dekoracje komunijne

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wydmuszka 3d

(Polski) Ogromna wydmuszka

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Totem styropianowy

(Polski) Tiki, Totemy

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Królik ze styropianu

(Polski) Styropianowy królik 3D

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Reklama 3D

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(Polski) Długopis dla Prezydenta

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kwiat do ogrodu 3

(Polski) Dekoracje ogrodowe

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Pałeczki ze stryropianu

(Polski) Pałeczki do sztafety

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Dekoracje okolicznościowe

(Polski) Dekoracje okolicznościowe

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scrabble 3

(Polski) Scrabble

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Chess spatial, three-dimensional

Chess spatial, three-dimensional Chess to use and play in different places, in the garden or as an interesting decoration.

szachy ze styropianu

Chess – giant pawns

Pawns 2.5 m in height.  

jajo ze styropianu_

Our egg on TV

Eggs with dedication celebrities.

Betonowe jaja

Concrete eggs

The event is outdoors and decorations must for this event properly prepared.   Concrete eggs Concrete eggs  



Events The large space is the opportunity to do great decoration. You get the idea we will do it.   Events

meble ze styropianu


Chairs and a table. Furniture are so light that they can be everywhere hang up on the wall.



Advertising clinic, shop, restaurant or business is a very important element.   

Napis Love

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Decorate your home, restaurant, shop symbols of loveof love.    

Znaki ze styropianu

Road signs, teaching aids

Teaching aids can be spacious and nice    

Studniówka napis styropian 3d


Decorations should be related to the theme proms. We suggest edition of the Oscars.  


Stucco facade

It is winter, but the best time to plan the look of your home in the spring. Our company will do for you stucco your house has become a one of a kind


Subtitles, Decorations, Motivators 3D

Make changes in your premises, shop window, and even apartment. Use our help and will do for you surround string of any content, Christmas decorations and more. We will make that your decoration is unique and one of a kind.


Bottles of champagne

Happy New Year 2015 To bottle szamapan were always full, always smiling faces and a purse full. All the best in 2015. The team hopes Projekt3D


Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations in shop windows, island holidays, outdoor parties and events.

Skrzydła ze styropianu

Wings of Angels for the exhibition in stores

Angels Wings for the exhibition in stores, for promotional purposes, outdoor parties and events.

styropian 3 d

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations


Giant ball of 3m diameter.

Giant ball of 3m 80cm in diameter and smaller. Sphere and wardrobe in one.  


Bottle Varnish

Nail polish 1.8m height    

Napis ze styropianu. zgierz. projekt 3d. styropian 3d

Warszawa 3T

Pięknie prezentulący się napis na konferencję. Masz nietypowy projekt? Nie wiesz od czego zacząć zapytaj nas o wycenę. Napisz  do nas – kikni na zakładkę kontak  



Subtitles and logos


Rock – Installation of a waterfall

Rock as a building falls on exposures fair.        

ramki ze styropianu 3d scenografia

Decorative frameworks

Frames in different sizes in a single theme. Frames increase the efficiency of the decor, mirrors, paintings, photographs, billboards and various decorations and set pieces.

szachy ze styropianu.3d

Chess with polystyrene XXL

Chess game is great fun, and XXL increases adrenaline.  

jaja ze styropianu

Eggs from expanded polystyrene

The giant eggs – amazing decoration, super fun in decorating or painting for the little ones [avg] ([per]) [total] vote[s]    

Hostia ze styropianu

Decorations Communion

To make this special day lodged in the child’s memory and many guests should be in a special way to prepare decorations. We offer you assistance in meeting expectations. Decoration Communion may be unique. We invite you to cooperation.  

auto ze styropianu

Auto with polystyrene

Auto with polystyrene !! The dream of every man is to have a car other than the other. We can make non-standard auto – imitation. It will make a great impression! Auto can be a film set design, decoration stage decoration of the restaurant, etc.

Wykończenie zbiorników wodnych

Finishes of water reservoirs

We make custom built water tanks. In the picture background to the aquarium.    

opakowanie do kieliszków

Packaging for glasses

Packaging is an important element in the transport of various products. It provides them security and is an appropriate appearance.  

Gzyms dekoracyjny

Spring Specials moldings and ornaments Houses

Moldings and cornices are made for individual orders. We offer a wide selection of ornaments.      


Unusual Advertising, Decoration, Gift For Baby

In the pictures favorite toy children. Made of smooth, paved and painted in the chosen color. For our little ones will be a unique decoration of the room.        

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