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styropian 3d

We are a company specializing in the performance of the various elements of stucco Styrofoam:

external facade (moldings, cornices, rustication, columns, podparapetniki)
elevation of internal (strips przysufitowe, ornaments)
Ads spatial (letters, figures three-dimensional)
Styrofoam packaging (cartridges fixing the boxes, containment, heat insulators).
On the market for several years. Multi-branch company makes we provide standard and non-standard orders. We undertake even the most difficult projects. Styrofoam can cut almost anything. Just the desire and a good idea, and you can create miracles. Until now, individual projects and ideas have made: Piano, Oscar statuette, camera, ice wall, the ball rolling, puppet Lego, easter egg, snowmen, etc.

Each of our product is ready for installation, or you can paint it or order in color. Welcome!